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What Is This Book About?

Have you ever experienced someone questioning your femininity because you are unafraid to be alone? Have natural confidence? Live with purpose? Walk with authority? 

Have you been told you're too independent? Too confident? Not a team-player? Too strong-headed? 

Have you had an experience where you felt you couldn't be yourself or had to be a damsel in distress to be what your man wanted?

Has your position influence(d) how your partner relates to you? How about at work, with co-workers? How do you navigate your life as an Alpha female? What concessions have you had to make, if any? 

Alpha women are often judged, but ignored in these type of discussions.

Well, this book is a literary collaborative effort by Alpha Women, because we are often judged or ignored in these types of discussions. 

This book is a literary collaborative effort by Alpha Women throughout the country ready to set the record straight about the perception of Alpha Women.  Alpha women are often judged, but ignored in these types of discussions.

In this book, we share our personal stories, business and personal challenges, and triumphs as an Alpha Woman. We aspire to inspire and encourage you through our words and life experiences. 

What's Dr. Koyah’s Vision?

The medium of television provides an amazing opportunity to arm Kindergarten-college students with information, resources, and edutainment-based content that helps them set long-term career goals on the way to their dreams!

Vision Statement:

Dr. Koyah's  vision is to cultivate the bright minds of  students with knowledge and resources to secure their future through higher education and media-based career development activities and programming. Evidently, Dr. Koyah is all about helping students strive, survive, and thrive in school and life!

What's Dr. Koyah's Why?

It is estimated that 20-50 percent of students enter college as undecided and an estimated 75 percent of students change their major at least once before graduating (Gordon, 1995). Further, according to a recent Conference Board Business Research Association survey, more than half of American workers are unsatisfied with their jobs. Thus, it is critical to arm college students with career development support, information, and resources to hone in upon their passion to support the transformation of passion-based college majors into fulfilling careers. 

Dr. Koyah is dedicated to assisting students with dream development and implementation that supports their life aspirations through the methods of television and web-based video content, projects, and programs specifically designed to empower!

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Come out and Meet Dr. Koyah at the "Lead Like Jesus Conference: Fully Committed

Hosted by: Pastor Rashod Green

Dr. Koyah will be the Keynote Speaker to close out the conference!

July 19-July 20, 2019

Word of Faith International Church

Aberdeen Maryland

1301 Loflin Road

December 10th - Event 4

Stay Tuned for the "HS All-Starz TV Show Tour 2019-2020",  where you can meet Dr. Koyah in the following cities across the U.S.:

Raleigh, NC

Charlotte, NC

Houston, TX

Las Vegas, NV

Orlando, FL

Miami, FL

Chicago, IL

Atlanta, GA

Phoenix, AZ

Mamaroneck, NY

New York, NY

Los Angeles, CA

New Orleans, LA

Eugene, OR

October 15th - Event 3

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