Need help with that next scholarship application or paper? I’m here to help! Trying to figure out your college major and career path or need help transitioning back to college-applying, selecting, and just navigating the whole process?

Need a Student Success Coach for your son or daughter to help them map out a plan for school and life success to gain the help, support, and guidance they need for academic success and college and career planning?

Book a Writing Consultation or Life Paths or Academic Coaching Session with me today! I’ve been motivating, advising, and coaching students for over 20+ years and now I’m ready to help students across America in need of this assistance!

"Life Paths Coaching Sessions"

with Dr. Koyah

Ever feel like your on a path but not sure where your headed? Feel like your wasting your time walking in circles?...

Well that’s where I come in, Hi! I’m Dr. Koyah and I’m here to help you figure out where that path leads and to fulfill your God-given destiny, reach your dreams, and leave a legacy!

Book a "Life Paths with Dr. Koyah Coaching Session Today!

So many students go to school and have No idea what to major in or even what they want to do after college. And as a result many grow into adults who feel unfulfilled because they aren’t using their gifts and talents in their everyday life or simply lack direction or focus.

Well I am a Pathologist- a person who is here to help you look forward to helping you get on purpose and live on purpose in the area you were made to strive, survive, and thrive-your life path! 

If you're a college student whose been struggling to figure out your major or an adult that needs help devising a plan of action to go back to school to get on the right course toward your life path and career goal-Dr. Koyah is here to help! 

Schedule a "Life Paths Consulting Session" today! 

What customers are saying

Dr. Koyah is so inspirational. Her words changed my entire life! I booked a "Life Paths Coaching Session" with Dr. Koyah months back and figured out my college major and am now happier than ever and am even doing better in college, now that I'm in the area that I should have majored in all along. Without Dr. Koyah-I would have never found it!

Freshman College Student, NC

"Life Paths Coaching & Consulting with Dr. Koyah"

"Helping you to Strive, Survive, and Thrive". -Dr. Koyah

"Life Paths Coaching Session"


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"Life Paths Consulting Session"


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